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Picture Books Part 1

Picture books aren’t just for little kids; a well written short story has adults engrossed too. Some of the picture books out there are boring and the pictures aren’t very […]

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Samuel Zwemer

Samuel Zwemer was born in 1867 to Dutch parents in Michigan. His father was a pastor and Samuel’s life revolved around the church. He finished high school when he was […]

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Ugly To Beautiful

When a potter starts on a piece of pottery, he begins with a blob of ugly, grey clay. At first glance, it doesn’t look like much. It just sits there […]

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Clean Comedians

Clean comedy is difficult to find. Crass jokes, profanity, and inappropriate references are all over the shows today. But Christians still want to laugh! Thankfully there are Christian comedians who […]

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Betty Greene

Betty Greene developed a love for flying early. Her oldest brother had his pilot’s license when she was young and when she was eight she saw Charles Lindbergh return from […]

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Choosing To Love

People talk about love a lot. They say they love food, sports, family, friends, God, and activities. God also mentions love a lot in scripture. In the NIV, the word […]

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Paul Brand

Paul Brand was born July 17, 1914 in southern India. His parents, Jesse and Evelyn Brand, were missionaries there and his father was a doctor. Paul and his sister, Connie, […]

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Doubting God

Many Christians have had times when they’ve doubted God or Christianity. It can happen when something bad happens or a prayer isn’t answered, or something along those lines. Then the […]

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