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Who Are You For?

Today Christianity, God, Jesus, and the cross are under attack. You have two options. Stand or fly. Either we engage or stand back. At first, it seems we shouldn’t get […]

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Mary Slessor

Scottish Mary Slessor’s life started out less than ideal. Her father was a drunk who beat her mother and spent his money on alcohol. Mary wasn’t naturally brave, but she […]

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Confidence or Doubt

The moment’s come. It’s sink or swim, fly or drop. You’ve prayed, worked out the details, have a plan in motion; you’re about to do work for God. You’re on […]

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Fantasy Books

The magic/fantasy debate is prevalent in the Christian culture. Should Christians read these genres or not? Are we leading children astray by allowing them to consume these? Should we read […]

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Romulo Saune

Romulo and his family might have been descended from the royal Inca priesthood, but the Quechua Indian grew up poor in the Peruvian Andes. His mother’s family was the first […]

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Corrie Ten Boom

The Ten Boom family – Corrie, her father, Casper, and her sister, Betsie – were devout Christians who practiced their faith. Corrie was involved with helping foster children and the […]

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Ordinary Talents

In the parable of the talents, a master calls his servants together and entrusts various amounts of money to them. Two of them invest and trade and gain. The man […]

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