Paul Brand

Paul Brand was born July 17, 1914 in southern India. His parents, Jesse and Evelyn Brand, were missionaries there and his father was a doctor. Paul and his sister, Connie, […]


Doubting God

Many Christians have had times when they’ve doubted God or Christianity. It can happen when something bad happens or a prayer isn’t answered, or something along those lines. Then the […]


Family Read Aloud Part 2

Here are some more books for you and your family to read aloud! ~ Freckles – Gene Stratton-Porter Freckles is an Irish orphan who has an unusual injury that haunts […]


Dr. Ida Scudder

Ida Scudder’s family was heavily involved in ministering to India. Her grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, second cousins, and parents were missionaries in the vast country. Her father was a doctor […]


Walk On The Water

Peter’s the guy we tend to look down on. But let’s face the facts: we tend to act a lot like him. When Jesus called him to walk on the […]


Family Read Aloud Part 1

Read aloud time has been a big part of my family ever since I was little. Some of my favorite memories are from the afternoons when Mom read to us. […]


Charles Mulli

Charles literally went from rags to riches. Born in Kenya to a family who didn’t care if he lived or died, Charles was abandoned at six and begged on the […]


A Perfect Friend

Wouldn’t it be nice if people were perfect? Just imagine how much easier the world would be! We wouldn’t have to worry about crime, broken homes, divorce, lost friendships, and […]

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