Betty Greene

Betty Greene developed a love for flying early. Her oldest brother had his pilot’s license when she was young and when she was eight she saw Charles Lindbergh return from […]

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Choosing To Love

People talk about love a lot. They say they love food, sports, family, friends, God, and activities. God also mentions love a lot in scripture. In the NIV, the word […]

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Paul Brand

Paul Brand was born July 17, 1914 in southern India. His parents, Jesse and Evelyn Brand, were missionaries there and his father was a doctor. Paul and his sister, Connie, […]

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Doubting God

Many Christians have had times when they’ve doubted God or Christianity. It can happen when something bad happens or a prayer isn’t answered, or something along those lines. Then the […]

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Dr. Ida Scudder

Ida Scudder’s family was heavily involved in ministering to India. Her grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, second cousins, and parents were missionaries in the vast country. Her father was a doctor […]

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Walk On The Water

Peter’s the guy we tend to look down on. But let’s face the facts: we tend to act a lot like him. When Jesus called him to walk on the […]

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