Gladys Alward

Twenty-six year old Gladys Alward was working as a maid in London when God called her to be a missionary. From the first she was convinced she was meant to […]


Controllable God?

Do we believe God is all powerful? That He can do what He says He will do? Then why do we limit Him all the time? Why are we so […]


Songs For The Storms

We’ve all got trials in our life and they’re not fun. There are not many people who approach a trial thinking, “I can’t wait to see what happens!” But the […]


Jacob DeShazer

Jacob DeShazer was never interested in religion. His mother and stepfather were devout Christians and while he admired their faith, Jesus didn’t matter to him. Christ was just another person […]


Who Are You For?

Today Christianity, God, Jesus, and the cross are under attack. You have two options. Stand or fly. Either we engage or stand back. At first, it seems we shouldn’t get […]


Family Friendly TV Shows

Finding an appropriate show is hard! It seems like every time you try to watch something for Family Night, you come upon nudity, swearing, and graphic violence, making it difficult […]


Mary Slessor

Scottish Mary Slessor’s life started out less than ideal. Her father was a drunk who beat her mother and spent his money on alcohol. Mary wasn’t naturally brave, but she […]


Confidence or Doubt

The moment’s come. It’s sink or swim, fly or drop. You’ve prayed, worked out the details, have a plan in motion; you’re about to do work for God. You’re on […]


Fantasy Books

The magic/fantasy debate is prevalent in the Christian culture. Should Christians read these genres or not? Are we leading children astray by allowing them to consume these? Should we read […]

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