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John Flynn

John Flynn was born and raised in Australia. At first he became a teacher but thought he felt the call to become a pastor. Money was a problem, but his […]

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Lottie Moon

Lottie Moon, who’s full name was Charlotte Digges Moon, was born on December 12, 1840. Her family was influential in her local church, where she went when she was young. […]

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Samuel Zwemer

Samuel Zwemer was born in 1867 to Dutch parents in Michigan. His father was a pastor and Samuel’s life revolved around the church. He finished high school when he was […]

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Betty Greene

Betty Greene developed a love for flying early. Her oldest brother had his pilot’s license when she was young and when she was eight she saw Charles Lindbergh return from […]

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Paul Brand

Paul Brand was born July 17, 1914 in southern India. His parents, Jesse and Evelyn Brand, were missionaries there and his father was a doctor. Paul and his sister, Connie, […]

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Dr. Ida Scudder

Ida Scudder’s family was heavily involved in ministering to India. Her grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, second cousins, and parents were missionaries in the vast country. Her father was a doctor […]

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Charles Mulli

Charles literally went from rags to riches. Born in Kenya to a family who didn’t care if he lived or died, Charles was abandoned at six and begged on the […]

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Gladys Alward

Twenty-six year old Gladys Alward was working as a maid in London when God called her to be a missionary. From the first she was convinced she was meant to […]

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Jacob DeShazer

Jacob DeShazer was never interested in religion. His mother and stepfather were devout Christians and while he admired their faith, Jesus didn’t matter to him. Christ was just another person […]

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