Charles Mulli

Charles Mulli literally went from rags to riches. Born in Kenya to a family who didn't care if he lived or died, Charles was abandoned at six and begged on the streets. His grandfather cared for him on and off, but for the most part Charles was without a family. He completed his primary education, but didn't have the money for secondary school.

When Charles was in school someone invited him to a meeting, where he heard the gospel. He invited Christ into his heart that day and forgave those who hurt him, including his worthless father.

Charles was ambitious; he didn't want to spend the rest of his life wondering when he would eat. He packed his bags and moved to Nairobi, Kenya's capital, where he got a job as a servant. His employer treated him well and helped him get a job as a field clerk. During that time he met Esther Ntheny. They fell in love and Charles quit his job for a higher paying one after Esther agreed to become his wife. After they were married they adopted Charles' one year old sister, Miriam. After their second daughter was born, Charles started his own business. It grew and grew, until Charles was a multi-millionaire with a wife and eight children. Then God turned their life around.

Charles became convinced God was calling him to help the street children. He sold his property and businesses and the Mulli's began to take in street children. Their house soon became too small for the amount of children they were taking in. Charles made his next step and purchased land where they built housing for the children to live in. They also farmed the land and sold the produce. The Mulli's used their money to rescue, adopt, and care for the children. They gave them food, shelter, clothes, health care, and an education.

Today, over 26,000 Kenyan orphans have graduated from their program. The program is called Mully Children's Family (MCF) and they rescue young mothers from prostitution, poverty, or abuse. They also reach out to their community by providing clean water, food, and medical care during drought, civil unrest, and other disasters. They currently care for over 6,200 children. To learn more about what the Mulli's continue to do to this day and donate to their charity, visit their website:

Note: Charles' last name can be spelled either Mulli or Mully, though it appears most use Mulli when referring to Charles and Mully when referring to the organization.

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