Family Read Alouds Part 2

Here are some more books for you and your family to read aloud!

~ Freckles – Gene Stratton-Porter
Freckles is an Irish orphan who has an unusual injury that haunts him. He finds work in the Limberlost forest, where his job is to make sure no one steals the timber. Everyone who meets him loves him because he's honest, but thoughtful. He finds many friends, including the Bird Woman, who photographs birds, and a girl he calls the Angel, whom he falls in love with. But he thinks he can never marry her because of his situation in life.

~ A Girl of the Limberlost – Gene Stratton-Porter
Elnora Comstock has had to bear her widowed mother's hatred since the day she was born. Katharine Comstock blames Elnora for her husband's death and doesn't care about what happens to her daughter. When Elnora becomes eligible for high school, Mrs. Comstock refuses to pay and Elnora works for her schooling by selling moths and other specimens from the Limberlost. After she graduates she meets Philip Ammon, a young man who's staying over the summer for his health. After his fiance, Edith, insults him he tells Elnora he loves her, but she won't marry him until she's certain he doesn't have any lingering feelings for his ex-fiance. Without warning she disappears, leaving Edith to try and lure Philip back with her charms.

~ Twice Freed – Patricia St. John
Onesimus, the slave of Philemon, hates his master, his master's son, and the fact he's a slave. He runs away, but then his money is stolen. Eventually Paul the apostle takes him in and slowly Onesimus learns how to be truly free.

~ By the Great Horn Spoon! - Sid Fleischman
Jack and his aunt's butler, Praiseworthy, set out for California to dig for gold for Aunt Arabella so she won't lose her house. After stowing away on a ship, they work for their passage. Once they arrive in California they learn how to dig for gold and try not to get robbed by Cut-Eye Higgins, a thief they've run into before. Fast paced and hilarious.

~ Pat of Silver Bush – L. M. Montgomery
Pat Gardiner loves her home, her family, and Judy (her family's servant) more than anything else in the world. She hates change more than anything else in the world, and as people marry and go about their lives, she takes comfort in the fact her house, Silver Bush, will never change. She spends her days with her friends, Jingle and Bets, getting in and out of scrapes, and loving Silver Bush. As the years go on she has many beaus but nothing ever comes of them. It seems as if she'll never marry and leave her home. The sequel is Mistress Pat.

~ Eagle of the Ninth series – Rosemary Sutcliff
In the first book, The Eagle of the Ninth, Marcus Aquila's father marches away with the Ninth Legion into Britain and never returns. Now that he's a young man, Marcus decides to find out what happened to his father and, if possible, bring back the legion's standard, a metal eagle. An unexpected injury stalls him, but determinedly he crosses over Hadrian's wall with Esca, his ex-slave, to discover the mystery of the lost legion. Also in the series are:

~ The Silver Branch

~ The Lantern Bearers

Note: there is some violence in all three books.

~ Brambly Hedge – Jill Barklem
The eight book series tells about the mice who live in the wood and their times through different season and occasions. The characters, including Lord and Lady Woodmouse, Wilfred Toadflax, Dusty Dogwood, and Poppy Eyebright, all work together and help each other out. Accompanied by beautiful and intricate illustrations. The books in the series are:

~ Spring Story

~ Summer Story

~ Autumn Story

~ Winter Story

~ The Secret Staircase

~ The High Hills

~ Sea Story

~ Poppy's Babies
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