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Clean comedy is difficult to find. Crass jokes, profanity, and inappropriate references are all over the shows today. But Christians still want to laugh! Thankfully there are Christian comedians who are hilarious and clean. Below are four that'll make you and your family fall over laughing.

~ Tim Hawkins
Tim's been active in comedy since 2002 and it's no wonder why. A man who gives it to you as it is in his own snarky way, he's collaborated with two other men in a tour and has made many DVDs. He also takes old songs and gives them a whole new twist. The Candy Man Can became The Government Can, Big Green Tractor to Pretty Pink Tractor, and These Are a Few of My Favorite Things to The Things I Don't Care About. His DVDs are:

~ Full Range of Motion

~ Greatest Hits & Bits

~ I'm No Rockstar

~ Insanitized

~ Just About Enough

~ Push Pull Point Pow

~ Rockstar Comedy Tour (featuring Bob Smiley and John Branyan)

~ That's The Worst

Videos to look up on YouTube are: Losing Our Minds Together, Colonoscopy, What Would Jesus Do?, and Pretty Pink Tractor.

~ Bob Smiley
A man with a subtle sense of humor, Bob is originally from Canada. He stars with Tim Hawkins in Rockstar Comedy Tour and has toured with Mac Powell and other Christian artists. He loves to mix his faith, real life experiences, and jokes. His DVDs are:

~ Uncaged

~ Breaking Bob

~ Mullets On Fire

~ Rockstar Comedy Tour

Videos to watch are: Terrorist Toothpaste, For Newlyweds Only, Bob Smiley One Liners, and What's the Worst Part of Your Job.

~ Jeff Allen
Jeff likes to make jokes on marriage and other family related items. He stars on the Dry Bar Comedy website, was in the comedy film Thou Shalt Laugh, and has made regular appearances on the Grand Ole Opry. His DVDs are:

~ My Heart, My Comedy

~ Happy Wife, Happy Life

Videos to watch are: Understanding The Wife's Code, The America I Grew Up In, When You have To Hide The Food, and Teenagers are God's Revenge.

~ Laugh Your Way To A Better Marriage – Mark Gungor
A pastor from Wisconsin put together a weekend seminar and covered practical solutions to marital problems in a hysterical way. Even if your marriage is great, you'll laugh out loud at his remarks and observations. Videos to look up are: The Nothing Box Part 1, Give & Take, and Ask More Than Once.

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Sassy - February 5th, 2024 at 1:55pm

My family loves Tim Hawkins. We never get tired of his jokes!