Family Read Alouds Part 3

Laddie: A True Blue Story – Gene Stratton-Porter
Little Sister and Laddie, her older brother, are very close and he trusts her with a secret: he's in love. But his love choice would cause raised eyebrows if people knew, because he's fallen for a girl they call the Princess. The Princess is considered stuck up and her family is disliked by everyone. But Laddie and Little Sister know she's one of the sweetest girls around. As Laddie works to earn her love, other important events take place, such as weddings, robbers, and other love problems. And in the thick of it all is Little Sister.

The Enchanted Castle – E. Nesbit
Gerald, Kathy, and Jimmy set off for a picnic and meet Mabel, who claims she has a magic ring. Nobody believe her; after all, it's just play. Then they discover the ring really is magic. All you have to is wish and it happens. But magic isn't as simple as it is in books and the children get into all sorts of odd adventures.

They Loved to Laugh – Kathryn Worth
After Marticia's parents die, Dr. David Gardner takes her in. At first everything about her new life terrifies her, especially the doctor's five laughing sons, who can't stop teasing her! “If only you would laugh,” they would say. But soon solemn Marticia learns to like them and even loosens up in time. But other difficulties crop up, including the matter of love, and Marticia must navigate them the best she can with the help of her adoptive family and laughter.

Cheaper by the Dozen – Frank B. Gilbreth and Ernestine Gilbreth Carey
Twelve children, an unusual father, and a patient mother fill the pages of this book. Dad has out-of-the-way ideas about how a family should run. In his mind, children can be run like a factory. But things don't quite pan out as he thought they would and the results are hysterical. The sequel is Belles on Their Toes.
Warning: There's one scene where God's name is taken in vain.

McBroom's Wonderful One-Acre Farm – Sid Fleischman
One day the McBroom family packs up and leaves their no good farmland to go find land that will actually grow something. After a man tries to swindle them, Josh McBroom discovers he has made the greatest purchase of his life. What was supposed to be no good soil can grow anything in no time at all. But others are eager to get their hands on the land and it takes all the McBroom's wits to keep their farm. Each of the tall tales are sure to make you laugh. The sequel is McBroom's Zoo.

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