Short Stories Part 2

Here are some more picture books for the family!

~ Ginger and Petunia – Patricia Polacco
Ginger, the famous musician, has to go out of town and she's worried about her pet pig, Petunia. But she gets a babysitter and heads off for London, leaving Petunia, who soon finds out the babysitter isn't coming. But the pig is sure she can take care of herself and she pretends to be Ginger while she's gone. But a pig is not a human and she has a hard time fitting into the role, especially since she just wants to soak in the mud! Other books by Patricia Polacco are:

~ Mrs. Katz and Tush

~ Babushka's Doll

~ The Bee Tree

~ Thunder Cake

~ Christmas Tapestry

~ Madeline – Ludwig Bemelmans
Madeline is the smallest of the girls in Miss Clavel's school and no one knows how to frighten the poor teacher as much as her. She's not afraid of anything, not even the tiger at the zoo. One night her stomach starts to hurt and Miss Clavel calls the doctor. Madeline is rush to the hospital and the other girls are left to wonder what happened to Madeline. The other books in the series are:

~ Madeline's Rescue

~ Madeline and the Bad Hat

~ Madeline and the Gypsies

~ Madeline in London

~ Madeline's Christmas

~ Petunia – Roger Duvoisin
Petunia is tired of being called silly. So when she finds a book and realizes it makes her wise, she begins giving her advice and opinions to all her friends. The trouble is, her advice doesn't help anybody! And meanwhile she's growing more and more proud each day until she causes catastrophe. The other books in the series are:

~ Petunia, Beware!

~ Petunia's Treasure

~ Petunia's Christmas

~ Petunia Takes A Trip

~ Here We Go, Harry – Kim Lewis
Harry, Ted, and Lulu venture out one windy day. Lulu and Ted romp around and jump down the hill. But Harry's too afraid and stays at the top. It takes the help of his friends for him to gather his courage and leap. Some other books by Kim Lewis are:

~ Good Night, Harry

~ Hooray for Harry

~ Just Like Floss

~ Little Baa

~ One Summer Day

~ Better Not Get Wet, Jesse Bear – Nancy White Carlstrom
Jesse Bear just wants to have fun and get wet. But his parents caution him and tell him not to. He envies the other things that can get wet, unlike him – until his parents reveal the surprise they have for him. Told in rhyme and accompanied by fun illustrations. Other books by Carlstorm are:

~ Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear?

~ Guess Who's Coming, Jesse Bear

~ Happy Birthday, Jesse Bear!

~ Let's Count It Out, Jesse Bear

~ How Do You Say It Today, Jesse Bear?

~ Climb the Family Tree, Jesse Bear!

~ Does God Know How to Tie Shoes?

~ Glory

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