Short Stories Part 3

Here are some more picture books for you and your family!

~ The Quiltmaker's Gift – Jeff Brumbeau, illustrated by Gail de Marcken
Once there was an old woman that lived in the mountains and spent her days sewing quilts. But she would never sell her quilts; they were only for the poor. When the greedy king hears about her, he determines to get one of those quilts, no matter the cost. The prequel is The Quiltmaker's Journey.

~ The Corgiville Fair – Tasha Tudor
The Corgiville Fair is coming up and every's excited, especially Caleb Brown, who's training his goat for the Grand Race. But Edgar Tomcat also wants the prize and will stop at nothing to get it. It takes an extra dose of creativity to get Caleb over the finish line before Edgar! Other books by Tudor are:

~ A Time to Keep

~ Pumpkin Moonshine

~ 1 is One

~ The Acrobat and the Angel – Mark Shannon, illustrated by David Shannon
Prequele (pronounced PAY-kul-lay) is a gifted acrobat who loves to preform. After his grandmother dies he wanders until he come to a monastery. He's allowed to stay as long as he gives up his tricks. He promises and doesn't do one somersault until he gets the chance to bless someone with his talent. He performs one last time – and produces a miracle.

~ The Summer of Stanley – Natalie Kinsey-Warnock, illustrated by Donald Gates
It all started with Grandpa's gift to Molly – a hungry, troublesome goat named Stanley. Molly's brother, Tyler, loves him, but their mother can't stand Stanley. Then Tyler goes swimming and gets caught in the river, with only Stanley able to save the day. Other books by Kinsey-Warnock are:

~ The Fiddler of the Northern Lights

~ A Christmas Like Helen's

~ When Jessie Came Across the Sea – Amy Hest, illustrated P. J. Lynch
Jessie and Grandmother have lived together in their village since Jessie's parents died. Then Jessie gets the chance to go to America and begin a new life. After a long voyage she makes her home with Cousin Kay and earns money in her shop sewing. As she works she learns English, saves money for a ticket to America, and gets a chance at love.

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