12 Instrumental Albums

Sometimes it’s nice to have some background music for when guests are over or during your Bible time. Instrumental music is great for this because it’s not distracting, but still creates an ambiance. There’s a menagerie of good albums out there; I’ve only included a few in this list.

~ Redeemer – David Tolk

~ Songs of Praise – Paul Cardell

~ Saving Tiny Hearts – Paul Cardell

~ A Celtic Dream – Michelle McLaughlin

~ Home – Michelle McLaughlin

~ Faith – Jim Brickman

~ Adoration: Solo Piano Hymns – David Nevue

~ Overcome – David Nevue

~ Journey … a Praise Offering – David Carnes

~ The Road Home – Thad Fiscella

~ Vast – Thad Fiscella

~ Through the Rain – Thad Fiscella
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Sassy - February 5th, 2024 at 1:54pm

I love these songs!!!